Public Viewing at the
California State Science Fair

Is there a public viewing time?

Yes. The project display area will be open for public viewing on Monday, from 3:00 - 4:30 pm, during which time the participants are requested to be present at their displays to explain their projects to the general public. At 4:30, seating begins for the Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address in the Wallis Annenberg Building. That Ceremony is open to the public. However, no visitors are permitted in the Science Center's display areas during or after this Ceremony. Please note that project registration continues into this period so not all projects will be on display this entire time.

On Tuesday, there is no public viewing time owing to judging activities continuously from before the building is opened until the participants take away their projects.

Last updated: Tue Apr 9 08:45:06 PDT 2013
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