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Solano County Science Fair

Date(s) March 22 - March 23, 2018
Awards Ceremony: Friday, March 23
This fair accepts participants in the following grades: 6 - 12
This fair accepts participants from:
Solano County
This fair is authorized to qualify to CSEF participants from:
Solano County
CSEF Qualification Issues: As announced in 2013 when this fair was created, the Solano County Science Fair is the only affiliated fair authorized to qualify students attending schools in Solano County to participate in CSEF. Solano County students are eligible to participate in the Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering Fair or the San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair (depending upon the location of their school within the county), but Solano County students are not eligible to qualify to CSEF through those fairs.
Comments: Since this fair does not accept team projects among its participants in grades 6-8, such projects have no qualification route to CSEF. We therefore advise affected students and teachers not to initiate science projects based upon teams if attendance at CSEF is a potential goal.
Web Site: http://solanocountyscifair.wix.com/solanocountyscifair
Contact for CSEF Qualification Issues: Marilyn Lewis

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