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Environmental Engineering

This is the complete list of judges who have served on the judging panels in the subject Environmental Engineering during the years listed below. Each judge may also have served on other panels, which are listed elsewhere in this directory. E-Mail addresses are available for many judges, but are not provided if the judge has moved out of California or otherwise stopped judging at the State Science Fair, or has asked that his/her address not be included.

Environmental Engineering
Mr. Kent D. Adams Sr-1999
Mr. Charles E. Ashbaugh, III Sr-1997
Mr. Mohan Balagopalan Sr-1998
Mr. Sarkis Barkhoudarian Jr-2000
Mr. Patrick M. Cashen Jr-1997 Jr-2000
Mr. Alan J. De Salvio Jr-2000
Mr. Philip M. Fine Sr-1998 Jr-1999
Ms. Susanne Garfield-Jones Jr-1997
Dr. Robert Gelfand Sr-1998 Jr-1999
Ms. Wendy Hawkins Sr-1997 Sr-1998
Prof. Janet G. Hering Sr-1997
Dr. Tyler Reed Holcomb Sr-1999
Mr. Glenn K. Kasai Sr-1997 Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Gordon L. Knopp Jr-1999
Mr Gordon J. Krall Jr-1997
Dr. Eugene Krc Sr-1998 Jr-1999 Jr-2000
Mr. John S. Lang Jr-1999
Dr. Chung Liu Jr-1997 Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Peter Lord Sr-2000
Mr. Andrew L. Maverick Sr-1998
Mrs. Shannon Leigh McConnell Sr-1999 Jr-2000
Dr. Roy A. Meals Jr-1998
Mr. Arman Moheban Sr-1997
Dr. Miguel Z. Monroy Sr-1997 Sr-2000
Mr. Gregg Oelker Jr-1997 Jr-1999
Ms. Catherine Ohara Sr-2000
Mr. Scott J. Ollivier Jr-1998 Sr-1999
Mr. Rob Palmer Jr-1997 Sr-1998
Prof. Michael J. Prather Sr-2000
Ms. Kim Reher Sr-1997 Jr-1998 Jr-1999
Mr. Marvin H. Sachse Jr-2000
Ms. Donna L. Sanker Jr-1997 Jr-2000
Mr. Dipankar Sarkar Jr-1997 Jr-1998
Dr. Ernest R. Schwab Jr-2000
Mr. Raymond K. Stanford Jr-1999
Mr. Hal Stein Jr-1997 Jr-1998 Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Wayne Tsuda Jr-2000
Ms. Eileen T. Wintemute Jr-1999
Mr. Bob Yinger Sr-2000

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