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This is the complete list of judges who have served on the judging panels in the subject Pharmacology/Toxicology during the years listed below. Each judge may also have served on other panels, which are listed elsewhere in this directory. E-Mail addresses are available for many judges, but are not provided if the judge has moved out of California or otherwise stopped judging at the State Science Fair, or has asked that his/her address not be included.

Dr. Ronald L. Alkana Sr-1999
Mr. Alexander Andrasi Sr-1997
Mrs. Siranush Bagdatyan Jr-1997
Mr. Gregory C. Bristol Jr-2000
Mr. Cort A. Bucher Jr-1997
Miss Prista Charuworn Sr-1997
Dr. Judith J. Chodil Sr-1999
Mr. Rick Chow Jr-1998
Dr. Randy W. Cohen Jr-1999
Dr. Becky A. Diebold Sr-2000
Dr. Rae Drazin Jr-1997
Prof. Frederick J. Ehlert Sr-1998 Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Robert Finn Jr-1997
Dr. Nathan Fischel Sr-2000
Dr. Michael Gilly Jr-1997
Mr. Michael C. Grant Sr-1998
Dr. Sharon Hame Jr-1998
Dr. Dickson Hong Sr-1997
Dr. Robert W. Jaross Sr-1997 Sr-1998 Sr-1999
Dr. Tina Jaskoll Sr-1999
Dr. Cage Johnson Sr-1997
Dr. Mark S. Johnson Jr-2000
Dr. Norman Juster Jr-1997
Dr. Susan E. Kane Sr-1997
Dr. Ram Kannan Jr-1997
Dr. Susan Kanowith-Klein Jr-1998
Dr. Shalini Kumar Jr-1999 Jr-2000
Dr. Matthew M.S. Lee Jr-1999 Jr-2000
Dr. Henry J. Lin Jr-1999
Mr. Mark K. Markarian Sr-1997
Dr. Emily Maverick Sr-1997
Mr. Jonathan E. McDunn Sr-2000
Prof. Thomas H. McNeill Jr-1998
Dr. Susan L. Mearns Sr-1998 Sr-1999
Dr. Michael Melnick Sr-1998
Dr. Jamil Momand Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Jason E. Moore Jr-1997
Dr. Neal C. Murphy Jr-1999 Sr-2000
Dr. Steve O'Barr Jr-2000
Dr. Daniel A. Oakes Sr-2000
Mr. Adam N. Paskowitz Sr-1998
Prof. Robert P. Pinnell Jr-1998
Dr. Paul Popper Sr-1997 Jr-1998
Dr. Suzanne J. Romano Jr-2000
Mr. Larry M. Salazar Jr-1997
Dr. Steven L. Schandler Jr-2000
Dr. P. Elyse Schauwecker Sr-1998
Dr. Kim Shirin Jr-2000
Mr. Edward J. Silverman Sr-2000
Dr. Esther Sinclair Jr-1998
Mr. William F. Smith Jr-2000
Dr. Anthony P. Smulders Jr-1998
Miss Pamela Kay Strong Jr-2000
Dr. Claudewell S. Thomas Sr-1999
Dr. Laurence G. Thouin, Jr Jr-1998 Sr-1999
Meta Vander Meyden Jr-1999
Mr. Jay S. Vavra Jr-1997
Ms. Maryann S. Vogelsang Sr-1998 Jr-1999
Miss Madhuri Wadehra Sr-1998 Jr-2000
Dr. Lawrence E. Williams Sr-1999 Sr-2000
Mr. Paul M. Williamson Jr-1997

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