Decision Dates


I've submitted my application. When should I expect to hear back as to whether or not I'm accepted?

The answer depends upon the affiliated fair from which you have qualified. As you've seen before you submitted your application, there were two important deadlines you had to meet, both of which were determined by the affiliated fair from which you were nominated to CSSF. To review, these deadlines are:

These deadlines are staggered throughout the Spring with the result that fairs held earlier will have earlier deadlines.

Similarly, CSSF imposes a deadline on itself in an effort to inform students in as timely a manner as possible. This deadline is also determined by the affiliate from which the student has been nominated:

Traditionaly, the Decision Date has been 14 calendar days following the Submission Deadline, subject to the limitation given below, but this may change in future years. For current dates, see the current application. The last of these Decision Dates is special:

Traditionally, the Final Decision Date has been 16 calendar days preceding the Fair. Given that all participants are at this point determined, on this date the process of constructing the Fair begins. This includes everything from the assignment of project numbers and project display locations to the physical production of the Program of Projects, certificates, and nametags.

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