Remote Interviews


I have to be someplace else during the judging. Can I get interviewed remotely or at a different time?


All interviews for Fair awards at the California State Science Fair between students and judges are personal, one-on-one, and face-to-face during the scheduled judging interview period. For CSSF to make special arrangements for one student would show favoritism toward that one student over all others who take the time to attend CSSF in person. CSSF will not show such favoritism.

Each year one or two students make this request, and every time the answer is always “no.” The reasons for these requests range from personal trips, to school arranged trips, to competing academic competitions, to AP or IB exams, to simply not wanting to miss school. In each case the student must choose which event is more important to himself or herself. While some exams (such as AP, though not IB) can be taken at alternate times, conflicting competitions and school trips simply cannot be moved, and each student needs to make a choice of the one in which he/she will participate. We do not mean to minimize the difficulty of choosing, but the choice must be made.

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