Electronic Application to the
California State Science Fair

Can I submit my Application electronically?
Since 1996 the answer to this question was "yes." Beginning in 2002 the answer has been "it is required." The form you need to fill out is here on our Web site.

How will I know that my application was received on time?
There are two deadlines which must be met for your application to be considered "on time": the Submission Deadline and the Application Fee Deadline. If you submit the Application's final page by your Application Deadline, the last page of the Application will tell you that you are "on time." Within one working day your name will appear on the list of received applications. You must then mail your Application Fee and Signature Card (and possibly a Safety/ Certification form if needed by your project) by the Application Fee Deadline. When those items are received, your citation on the above list will change to show that your application is complete.

What's to stop someone who didn't win at our county science fair from sending in an electronic Application?
Nothing. However, no Applications are accepted without confirmation by the cognizant county or regional fair of the eligibility of each applicant. If their name is not on the list of qualified students, their application is not accepted.

Can I pay the Application Fee electronically?
No. The California State Science Fair still requires an original signature by both participant and parent/guardian for the legalese at the bottom of the Application. Therefore, since you are already sending us one signature, we don't believe that asking you for a second one on a check is inconvenient. This is explained on the electronic Application Form itself.

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