Setting Up Your Project at the
California State Science Fair

I can't be there on Monday. Can someone else set up my project?

Yes. Your project must arrive for Registration check-in during the Check-In/ Registration period, presently (see the timestamp below) scheduled between 10:00 am and 3:30 pm. However, you do not need to be the person to do the actual check-in. Your parents (grandparents, teacher, ...) can carry your Yellow Sheet and go through Registration and Display Approval just as long as they are aware of any changes to the display which may occur after Display Approval (DAC) review. If your project changes in any way not declared at that time, your project may be disqualified.

Further, any restrictions which the Display Approval reviewer may specify for your project MUST be conveyed back to you by whomever does your set-up. If not, again your project maybe disqualified, regardless of your personal responsibility in not knowing of the DAC restriction.

If you trust your proxy to properly convey information both ways (between you and the DAC representative) then he/she can set your project up without difficulty.

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