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Lassen County Science Fair

Status Inactive
Most recent participation in CSSF 2015
This fair accepted participants from:
Lassen County
Options for students: If you are attending a school in the area identified above and thus have no defined route to the California State Science Fair, it may still be possible to participate. See our FAQ on Special Admissions.
Options for adults:

If you are a teacher in the area defined above, work in the county office of education, or are simply an adult motivated to organize a science fair in your area for the purpose of promoting science and providing an avenue by which students can qualify to participate in the California State Science Fair, then contact us directly via email. We will work with you in starting small this year with the idea of eventually building up to a county-wide science fair having a regular affiliation with CSSF.

We do not impose any rigid regulations on how you run your fair. We are more interested in promoting science activity, accomplishment, and appreciation than imposing a new bureaucracy. See for yourself — just read our easily satisfied rules for affiliated fairs. Then contact us about starting a science fair in your area.

Contact for CSSF Qualification Issues: CalifSF@usc.edu

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