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Synopsys Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair

2019 Special Circumstance

The Synopsys Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair (ACSEF) is inactive for 2019, so this year only, students in Alameda County must qualify to CSEF through another process. Please visit the ACSEF web site for a description of the CSEF qualification process, which is identical for all public, private, and home schools.

  1. You must participate in your school science fair. That fair may qualify you to move on to the next step.
  2. Your school must report this qualification to ACSEF. If the ACSEF allocation to the Golden Gate STEM Fair (GGSF) has not been filled, ACSEF will instruct you on how to register in the GGSF.
  3. You must then participate in the GGSF and be selected as one of its representatives to CSEF.

Note that Alameda County students cannot register directly in GGSF without first receiving approval from ACSEF.

Prior Year’s Information

Date(s) March 16 - Mar 18, 2018
Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, March 28
This fair accepts participants in the following grades: 6 - 12
This fair accepts participants from:
Alameda County
This fair is authorized to qualify to CSEF participants from:
Alameda County
CSEF Qualification Issues: None.
Comments: 1. This fair is also an ISEF affiliate.
Web Site: http://acsef.org/
Contact for CSEF Qualification Issues: Patti Carothers, Director
Synopsys Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair
3996 Mt. Rainer Ct.
Pleasanton, CA 94588-4924

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