1990 Category Winners in
Earth Sciences

First Place: J0610
Pagni, Christina M. Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Gravity Current Velocities
School: St. Perpetua School, Lafayette

Second Place: J0618
Tognazzini, Sherilyn C. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Solar Rotation
School: Flintridge Preparatory School, La Canada Flintridge

Third Place: J0607
Langlie, Kai A. Grade 7, Monterey County
How Does the Velocity of River Flow Influence Meandering?
School: Colton (Walter) Middle School, Monterey

Honorable Mention: J0611
Reed, Natalie E. Grade 8, Siskiyou County
Earthquake: Land Formations and Seismic Waves
School: Sisson Elementary School, Mt. Shasta

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