1990 Category Winners in
Behavioral Sciences

First Place: S0106
Hsu, Charles S. Grade 9, San Bernardino County
Mice, Mirrors, and Mazes
School: Upland High School, Upland

Second Place: S0103
Dale, Lauren E. Grade 10, San Diego County
A Comparative Study of Whiteflies Attraction to Color
School: Henry (Patrick) High School, San Diego

Third Place: S0113
Phan, Kathy T. Grade 11, Orange County
The Effects of Color on Memory
School: Bolsa Grande High School, Garden Grove

Honorable Mention: S0126
Winchell, Hilary A. Grade 11, Riverside County
Do Television Commercials Reflect a Male Dominant Society?
School: Polytechnic High School, Riverside

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