1990 Category Winners in
Medicine & Health

First Place: S1023
Stahlhut, Jennifer L. Grade 10, Monterey County
Sizzling Cytology? The Use of Microwaves in Histology
School: Monterey High School, Monterey

Second Place: S1026
Wilson, Deanne M. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
How Are We Affected by Cigarette Smoke?
School: Reseda Senior High School, Reseda

Third Place: S1013
Hegde, Manu Grade 11, Fresno County
Male versus Female Auditory Brainstem Responses
School: Clovis High School, Clovis

Honorable Mention: S1007
Cheung, Wing S. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
The Effects of the Neurotransmitters of Stress on Hippocampal Nerve Cells
School: Lincoln (Abraham) Senior High School, Los Angeles

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