1991 Category Winners in
Pharmacology / Toxicology

First Place: S1204
Fleischman, Dawn Grade 10, Mendocino County
The Effect of Cigarette Smoke on Euglena
Advisor: Mr. Don McAlister
School: Willits High School, Willits

Second Place: S1211
Matthiesen, Taggart C. Grade 9, San Diego County
Which Herbal Remedies Kill Candida albicans?
Advisor: Mr. Steve Brown
School: La Jolla Senior High School, La Jolla

Third Place: S1205
Hofilena, Benjamin J. Grade 9, Riverside County
Are There Botanical Extracts that Kill Mouth Bacteria?
Advisor: Mr. Phil Beach
School: Centennial High School, Corona

Honorable Mention: S1207
Le, Diem-Trang T. Grade 10, Santa Clara County
The Effect of Alcohol On Chick Embryos
Advisor: Mrs. Tracy Wolcott
School: Yerba Buena High School, San Jose

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