1991 Category Winners in

First Place: S1517
Poole, Christie L. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Bacterial Clearance in Sicyonia ingentis in the Absence of Circulating Hemocytes
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills

Second Place: S1509
Jones, Samuel H. Grade 11, Monterey County
Lottia gigantea's Mysterious Bulldozing Lifestyle
Advisor: Ms. Pamela Miller
School: Seaside High School, Fort Ord

Third Place: S1513
McKune, Jerry J. Grade 12, Fresno County
California Estuary Toxins: Effects on Rate of Development in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Garabedian
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno

Honorable Mention: S1502
Christiansen, Jennifer C. Grade 12, Orange County
Spermatophore Digestion in Monarch Butterflies: Does It Happen? Phase 1: Establishing Standards
Advisor: Mr. Stan Cowen
School: Garden Grove High School, Garden Grove

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