1992 Category Winners in

First Place: J0204
Hauschild, Courtney L. Grade 8, Riverside County
pH+ and Enzyme Activity
Advisor: Ms. Grace Bosquez
School: Corona Fundamental Intermediate School, Corona

Second Place: J0206
Hwang, Stephanie G. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Which Fruit has the Most Vitamin C?
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade Middle School, Chatsworth

Third Place: J0208
Lyon, Rebecca Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Is Your Skin Being Cheated?
Advisor: Ms. Laura Ewing
School: Palms Magnet Middle School, Los Angeles

Honorable Mention: J0202
Ehlinger, Dustin C. Grade 7, Riverside County
Chelation: Will This Chemical Reaction Loosen Dental Calculus?
Advisor: Mr. Tony Ballard
School: Raney (Letha) Intermediate School, Corona

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