1992 Category Winners in

First Place: J0510
Laurence, Martin Grade 8, San Mateo County
Auto-Grades: A More Efficient Way to Compile Grades
Advisor: Ms. Beverly Schwerin
School: Bowditch Middle School, Foster City

Second Place: J0509
Kim, Steven K. Grade 7, Contra Costa County
Artificial Intelligence
Advisor: Mrs. JoAnn Alexander
School: Stanley (M. H.) Intermediate School, Lafayette

Third Place: J0502
Burns, Matthew S. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
A Computer Simulation of an Aquatic Food Chain
Advisor: Dr. Richard A. Boolootian
School: Mirman School for Gifted Children, Los Angeles

Honorable Mention: J0507
Fleming, Chris J. Grade 7, Kern County
Can You Predict the Weather?
Advisor: Kelly Bacon-Hord
School: Chipman Junior High School, Bakersfield

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