1992 Category Winners in
Earth Sciences

First Place: J0605
Cleveland, Michelle E. Grade 8, Riverside County
What Effect does the Nitrate Level of Well Water have on the Nitrate Level of Drinking Water?
Advisor: Ms. Alma Backer
School: Raney (Letha) Intermediate School, Corona

Second Place: J0608
Hodder, John D. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Radon Gas or Cosmic Rays?
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Petoskey
School: St. Anastasia Elementary School, Los Angeles

Third Place: J0616
Wisniew, Kathryn T. Grade 8, San Diego County
Heat Reradiation of Earth Surface Materials in a Greenhouse Environment
Advisor: Mrs. Rosalie Wisniew
School: St. Didacus Parochial School, San Diego

Honorable Mention: J0604
Clark, Kara L. Grade 8, Orange County
Smog: Does it Absorb Solar Energy?
Advisor: Mrs. Judy Statti
School: St. Irenaeus Catholic Elementary School, Cypress

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