1992 Category Winners in
Physics & Astronomy

First Place: J1311
Frisch, Mira O. Grade 8, Humboldt County
Swinging Pocket Watches: A Study of Resonance, Angular Momentum, Energy Transfer, and the Accuracy of Time Measurement
Advisor: Mr. Greg Ennes
School: Sunny Brae Middle School, Arcata

Second Place: J1325
Terasawa, Emi L. Grade 8, Monterey County
How Much Electricity Will Water Conduct as Temperature, Voltage, and the Number of Electrolytes Change?
Advisor: Mr. Craig Hohenberger
School: Carmel Middle School, Carmel

Third Place: J1315
Irvine, Alice K. Grade 8, Monterey County
Viscosity and a Falling Sphere
Advisor: Mr. Bud Smith
School: All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Carmel

Honorable Mention: J1326
Thibedeau, Neal Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Can Velocity be Determined Using a Ballistic Pendulum?
Advisor: Ms. Colleen Sumner
School: Moore Junior High School, Redlands

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