1994 Category Winners in
Mathematics & Software

First Place: J0909
Hussey, Cora A. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Can an Angle be Trisected?
Advisor: Mr. Stuart Thomson
School: Lindero Canyon Middle School, Agoura Hills

Second Place: J0913
Pack, Chelisa A. Grade 8, San Diego County
Heronian Triangles
Advisor: Mr. Joseph Krupens
School: Bell (Alexander Graham) Junior High School, San Diego

Third Place: J0911
McLaughlin, Theresa M. Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Holding Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand: A 2 Year Study
Advisor: Ms. Lynne F. Fitzgibbons
School: Holy Rosary School, Antioch

Honorable Mention: J0916
Riehl, Matthew E. Grade 7, Marin County
Deal Me In!
Advisor: Mr. Carpenter
School: St. Hilary's Elementary School, Tiburon

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