1994 Category Winners in

First Place: S1318
Venook, Ross D. Grade 10, Orange County
Running Form: An Angular Analysis
Advisor: Mr. George Varvas
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine

Second Place: S1316
Shaw, Susan J. Grade 10, Orange County
Does Cigarette Smoke Affect Smell Sensation?
Advisor: Ms. Sharon Writer
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park

Third Place: S1308
Hinds, Patrick H. Grade 10, Kern County
Grip Strength in Teenagers: An Analysis of Influencing Factors by the Method of Stepwise Multiple Regression
Advisor: Ms. Connie Sack
School: Centennial High School, Bakersfield

Honorable Mention: S1312
Nguyen, Quynh L. Grade 11, Marin County
The Effects of Flossing Regularly and Properly on the Incidence of Gingivitis
Advisor: Mr. Larry Lack
School: San Rafael High School, San Rafael

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