1995 Category Winners in
Environmental Engineering


First Place: J0727
Pascual, Patricia M. Grade 8, Imperial County
Comparative Analysis of Water Sources from the Imperial Valley
Advisor: Mr. Bob Nelson
School: St. Mary's Catholic School, El Centro

Second Place: J0733
Tomiska, Karrie M. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Reclaimed Water: Would You Drink It?
Advisor: Mr. Jeffrey Harlow
School: Briggs (Lyle S.) Fundamental School, Chino

Third Place: J0712
Hancock, Christine M. Grade 8, Inyo County
How Can We Stop the Dust?: A Study of Plant Survivorship in Owens Lake Soil
Advisor: Mr. Michael Prather
School: Lo-Inyo Elementary School, Lone Pine

Honorable Mention: J0701
Anderson, Erin M. Grade 8, Fresno County
Bioremediation - Effects of Oil Contaminated Soil and Oil Decomposing Bacteria on the Color, Growth, and Development of
Advisor: Mr. Edward Case
School: Centerville Elementary School, Sanger

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