1995 Category Winners in


First Place: S1010
Lingo, Matt D. Grade 12, Ventura County
Chemical Preservation: The Inhibition of Bread Mold through the use of Organic Chemicals and Natural Food Constituents
Advisor: Mr. Ray Sepulveda
School: Santa Paula Union High School, Santa Paula

Second Place: S1014
Matos, Monica Grade 11, Kern County
Water Analysis of Kern River Valley Water for Lactose Fermentating Bacteria
Advisor: Mr. Thomas Cormack
School: Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella

Third Place: S1099
Kunnavatana, Sermsin S. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
What Role(s) do Rheumatoid Factors Play in the Disease Ulcerative Colitis?
Advisor: Mr. Koh Ikeda
School: North Hollywood High School, North Hollywood

Honorable Mention: S1004
Gong, Victoria M. Grade 11, Santa Clara County
A Comparative Study of Organic and Inorganic Acids as Disinfectants on E. coli
Advisor: Mr. Francis Lee
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose

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