1997 Category Winners in
Earth Sciences/ Planetary Sciences/ Physical Environments


First Place: S0507
Haugland, Matthew J. Grade 12, Santa Clara County
The Rain Shadow Effect
Advisor: Mr. Lewis Smith
School: Leigh High School, San Jose

Second Place: S0501
Barceloux, Colin J. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Erosion With Modeling: What Methods Work the Best to Stop Erosion?
Advisor: Ms. Susanna Newkirk
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills

Third Place: S0512
Openshaw, John J. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Detection of Naturally Occurring Suspended Solid Water Pollutants by a He-Ne- Laser
Advisor: Mr. Victor De la Loza
School: California Academy of Mathematics & Science, Carson

Honorable Mention: S0510
Mantegani, Michelle L. Grade 11, Marin County
Pollution Takes a Ride from the Spillway to the Bay
Advisor: Mr. Mitch Cohen
School: Redwood High School, Larkspur

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