1997 Category Winners in


First Place: S1623
Sevey, Shane A. Grade 12, Mendocino County
Dietary Effects on Gonadal Growth in Red Sea Urchins
Advisor: Mr. Frederick Rubin
School: Fort Bragg High School, Fort Bragg

Second Place: S1622
Schjolberg, Jennifer F. Grade 11, San Diego County
EMF and Sea Urchin Embryo Development
Advisor: Mrs. Patty Cameron
School: La Costa Canyon High School, Carlsbad

Third Place: S1607
Epperheimer, Matthew S. Grade 10, San Luis Obispo County
The Effect of the Discharge of the CMC Prison Sewage Treatment Plant on Chorro Creek
Advisor: Mrs. Faylla Chapman
School: Morro Bay High School, Morro Bay

Honorable Mention: S1625
Shilyansky, Carrie Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Modulation of a Learning Pathway by Information Encoded During Habituation of a Gill Withdrawal Reflex in Aplysia califo
Advisor: Dr. David Glanzman
School: San Marino High School, San Marino

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