1999 Category Winners in
Pharmacology / Toxicology


First Place: J1323
Punnamkuzhyil, Alexa M. Grade 7, Humboldt County
Worming My Way through Adaptations
Advisor: Dr. Jacob Varkey
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside

Second Place: J1324
Schloss, Derek E. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Food Preservatives and Mealworms
Advisor: Ms. Debra Kay Beckett
School: St. Paul the Apostle School, Los Angeles

Third Place: J1326
Scott, Ashlee J. Grade 8, Ventura County
Folic Acid's Effect on Neurological Development
Advisor: Mr. Morley Cohen
School: Mesa Verde Middle School, Moorpark

Honorable Mention: J1304
Cooper, Chaely B. Grade 8, Ventura County
Magnesium and Its Effect on Bone Regeneration
Advisor: Mr. Cohen
School: Mesa Verde Middle School, Moorpark

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