1999 Category Winners in


First Place: S1299
Reiver, Sarah L. Grade 12, Riverside County
Determining the Nutritional Requirements for Optimizing Growth of Emiliania huxleyi
Advisor: Ms. Elaine Preston
School: La Quinta High School, La Quinta

Second Place: S1205
Chi, Tina Grade 9, Orange County
Super Germs: The Ultimate Challenge against Antibiotics
Advisor: Mrs. Patricia Salamonson
School: Acaciawood School, Anaheim

Third Place: S1212
Myers, Kirsten E. Grade 11, Mendocino County
Photoprotection from Ultraviolet Radiation
Advisor: Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick
School: Willits High School, Willits

Honorable Mention: S1211
Lyles, Alma A. Grade 10, San Diego County
The Effect of Various Weather Conditions on the Coliform Count at Local Beaches
Advisor: Ms. Cory Dunn
School: San Dieguito High School Academy, Encinitas

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