2000 California State Science Fair
Applications Received

Applications have been received from each of the students on the list given below. If you do not find your name yet, it may simply mean that our staff has not had time to enter all of the applications so far received into the database. As the Final Application Deadline nears, the data input load gets quite heavy. Please have patience.

Please Note: Appearance of a name here does NOT mean that the named student's application has been accepted, nor that that application is complete (i.e. all necessary certifications and signatures, application fee, etc.). It means only that the application has been received. Even if your application has been received and is complete, it is still possible that it will not be accepted. There are two reasons for this:

1. Some fairs have certified more projects to CSSF than they have been allocated, with the understanding that the extra named students are on a prioritized alternates list. If you are unclear as to whether you are on the approved list or the alternates list, contact your affiliated fair. The California State Science Fair will refer all such eligibility questions to the affiliated fair.

2. All applications must still satisfy the application acceptance criteria for scientific merit. As explained in those criteria, students whose applications are being considered for rejection will be contacted directly by the Director of Judging on May 6-7. In the past two years only about 1% of all applications were so considered. If you have not heard from the Directors of Judging by Sunday, May 7, you should assume that your application has been accepted.

As soon as possible after Sunday, May 7, the list of all accepted projects and their assigned categories will be posted to this Web site. Your written confirmation letter will be sent by the end of that week.

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Applications Received

As of close of business on Friday there were only a few more applications presently in the office remaining to be entered into the database which have arrived via US Mail. All electronic applications received as of the time given below are recorded above.

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