Deadlines and Application Calendar 2000

Regional Fair
Postmark Deadline
Appl ($20) Final ($30)
Butte Apr 1 May 1
Calaveras Apr 29 May 1
Fresno (Central Calif.) Apr 13 May 1
Glenn Apr 26 May 1
Humboldt Apr 1 May 1
Kern Apr 27 May 1
Lake * *
Lassen Apr 13 May 1
Los Angeles May 1 N/A
Mendocino Apr 29 May 1
Monterey Apr 15 May 1
Orange May 1 N/A
Placer May 1 N/A
Plumas * *
RIMS May 1 N/A
Sacramento Apr 28 May 1
San Benito Apr 13 May 1
San Diego (GSDSEF) Apr 28 May 1
San Francisco (SFBASF) Apr 8 May 1
San Joaquin Apr 27 May 1
San Luis Obispo Apr 29 May 1
San Mateo Apr 1 May 1
Santa Barbara May 1 N/A
Santa Clara Apr 15 May 1
Santa Cruz Apr 15 May 1
Tulare May 1 N/A
Tuolumne May 1 N/A
Ventura Apr 27 May 1
Note: "*" means this date was not set by the time this document was printed. Ask your fair for the correct dates. (The printed Application says to check the CSSF Web site. This is the table to which that statement refers.)

Your deadline depends upon when your fair occurs. Locate your county, or the county in which your regional fair is located in the table on the left. Your application must be postmarked by the date given in the middle column. Late applications may be accepted but only if submitted by the Final Deadline given in the last column.

Your application fee is $20 if postmarked by the Application Deadline, and $30 if postmarked after that date but on or before the Final Deadline. If your fair has "N/A" listed in the final column, your application fee is $20 because your Application Deadline is the Final Deadline.

Your application must be sent via US Mail first class or commercial delivery services using overnight or second day delivery. If your Application Deadline falls on a day when the US Postal Service is closed, the Deadline is extended to the next working day.

A completed Application consists of:

You may also include (but may, if you choose, send separately):

Please note that if you submit the Application on page 11, you should not include the Electronic Signature card found on the inside back cover. This card is used only for electronic registrations.

Electronic Applications
You may submit an application electronically instead of the paper application on page 11. Rules for electronic submission of Applications are given on the Fair's Web site (pg. iv). If you mail the Application found in this Packet, do not submit a Web application.

Receipt Confirmation: As Received
Confirmation of receipt of all Applications will appear on the Fair's Web site as they are received. You may also use the confirmation card on the inside back cover of this Packet.

Notice of Acceptance or Rejection: May 7, 2000
Every Application is reviewed for acceptability according to these acceptance rules. All applicants identified as candidates for rejection will be contacted by phone by the Director of Judging no later than Sunday, May 7, 2000 to provide an opportunity for appeal. Accepted applications will not be contacted at this time. If you do not receive a phone call at the number you list on your Application by Sunday, May 7, you may assume your Application has been accepted.

Confirmation of Category Assignment: May 15, 2000
All category assignments will be posted to the Fair's Web site as soon as they are available. Phone requests for this information will not be accepted. On or about May 15 you will receive confirmation of the category to which your project has been assigned. You may request a different assignment, but only until Thursday, May 18. The Director of Judging is the final authority as to project acceptance and category assignments. Details will be included in your confirmation letter.

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