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Changes from 2001 - 2002


The California State Science Fair strives continually to improve the quality of the event for its participants throughout the State of California. As part of these ongoing efforts we will be implementing certain policy changes this year. Some of these changes were discussed at the last County Coordinators' Conference which was held during the 2001 California State Science Fair.

 * All Applications through Web Site
 * All Judges Must Have Electronic Access
 * Category Definitions Revised
 * Fair Consolidated in California Science Center
Annual Update
 * Revised Project Allocations for 2002

All Applications through Web Site

All Applications to the 2002 must be done through the Fair's Web site. While electronic application has been an option for participants in the last six Fairs, for 2002 applications will only be accepted through the Fair's Web site. A printed application form will continue to be provided in the Application Packet given to every qualifying student at affiliated county and regional science fairs, but it will serve only as a reminder of the information required.

Electronic applications are now required in order to facilitate correct data entry, proper (and timely) project categorization, and dissemination of project abstracts to judges and other participants. Students, parents, teachers, and affiliated fair officials with concerns regarding this new requirement are encouraged to contact us with these concerns as early as possible in order that we may resolve problems in special circumstances.

All Judges Must Have Electronic Access

Beginning for the 2002 Fair, all judges will be required to have an active e-mail account and electronic access. The reason for this change is to enable timely delivery of time-critical materials in the two week period immediately prior to the Fair. Of course, non-time-critical materials will continue to be printed and delivered to judges either via US Mail or at Registration on May 21.

In consequence of this change, all applications to be a judge at the 2002 Fair must be made through the judges' Web site. Since all judges will need such Web access for materials delivery in May, this limitation will not negatively impact anyone. Presently (as of the time of this policy change) the judges' Web site is under construction, but when it is available you will find a link to it from the Judges' Page.

Category Definitions Revised

The Category definitions for the 2002 Fair have been revised. One additional category has been created for Junior Division participants, and several other categories have been modified. Here are the 2002 Category Definitions.

Fair Consolidated in California Science Center

The 2002 Fair will be held in the California Science Center. After nearly a decade of being held in the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the 2001 California State Science Fair returned to the site of its host, the California Science Center, but about 20% of the projects were located in the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. In 2002, all of the project displays will be located in the Science Center.

Revised Project Allocations for 2002

The allocations to affiliated fairs of the number of projects which may be sent to CSSF have been revised from 2001 levels. Beginning in 1998, the number of projects which each affiliated fair is allowed to certify to CSSF has been defined as an explicit limit by CSSF, rather than loose limits determined by each fair independently. Generally speaking, this new allocation process has been a success. Based upon discussions with our affiliates, most notably all of those participating in recent County Coordinators Conferences, these allocations have been revised for 2002. The allocation criteria are unchanged from the previous year. Here are these allocations, along with their determining factors.

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