California State Science Fair
Project Allocations — 2007


The California State Science Fair intends to maintain the number of projects presented at the Fair at the same level as in recent years. Based upon our experience with the results of allocations in the years since 1998 when allocations were first necessitated, we have established this year's allocation to each affiliate as given in the table below. Built into these allocations is the assumption that a certain fraction will not be utilized, so that the total of all allocations is significantly greater than our participation target. Unutilized allocations of one affiliate will not be reassigned to another.

This year the allocations to all affiliates have been adjusted from last year in an effort to minimize disruption from significant changes in allocations, while simultaneously better accounting for the quality of projects across affiliates. This quality is monitored by the fraction of each affiliate’s projects receiving category awards, averaged over the past five fairs. Affiliates whose projects have won more (or less) than the State average will find their allocation from last year adjusted up (or down) in proportion to this quality measure and the size of their previous allocation. This is the same policy as applied last year and was first announced in 2005. It is anticipated that average project quality will remain high in importance in setting future allocations.

It is the continuing intention of the California State Science Fair to balance the competing goals of raising the quality of projects exhibited at the Fair, providing opportunities for participation to students without an established history of strong science fairs in their geographical region, and fairly recognize all affiliates, large and small, urban and rural, well- and poorly-supported, throughout the entire State of California.

Most affiliates will find insignificant changes in their allocation to CSSF given in the table immediately below. As one measure of the size of these changes, fewer than one-third (8 of 28) have changed by more than one from last year. Small fairs are guaranteed not to have their allocations reduced below the baseline of 6 as specified in previous years.

5 year averages Alloc
ID Fair Projects Awards 2007
100 Humboldt County Science Fair 26 9% 24
150 Lassen County Science Fair 4 0% 6
200 Mendocino County Science Fair 23 9% 20
240 Butte County (Chico) Science Fair 2 18% 6
260 Nevada County Science Fair 5 8% 6
280 Sonoma County Science Fair 3 17% 7
290 Contra Costa County Science Fair 6 17% 6
300 San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair 23 15% 25
310 Tri-Valley Science & Engineering Fair 5 10% 6
350 Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair 5 17% 14
370 Calaveras County Science Fair 2 20% 10
400 San Mateo County Science Fair 41 15% 39
410 Santa Cruz County Science Fair 29 26% 40
420 Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship 35 28% 43
430 San Joaquin County Science Fair 5 4% 6
450 Tuolumne County Science Fair 5 11% 6
500 Monterey County Science Fair 26 13% 26
510 San Benito County Science Fair 5 0% 6
530 Central California Regional Science, Math, & Engineering Fair 72 13% 69
560 Tulare County Science Fair 7 8% 8
600 San Luis Obispo County Science Fair 5 4% 10
700 Santa Barbara Science Fair 21 18% 24
750 Kern County Science Fair 62 13% 57
800 Ventura County Science Fair 56 10% 52
830 Los Angeles County Science Fair 123 21% 134
880 RIMS Inland Counties Science & Engineering Fair 80 10% 68
900 Orange County Science Fair 85 21% 94
950 Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair 104 18% 103

In cases where these revised allocations cause extreme difficulties, affected affiliates are urged to contact us immediately. Similarly, we welcome your comments regarding the fairness of the allocations given above by emailing directly to us.


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