CSSF Category Awards: 2009
Human Biology

Junior Division


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J1325 — First Place
Joshua A. Sweat, Grade 6 portrait
Pumping Diabetes
Advisor: Ms. Tonya Sweat
School: Skyridge Elementary School, Auburn, Placer County
J1320 — Second Place
Christopher A. Powers, Grade 6 portrait
Effects of Conversation on Driving
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Powers
School: Old Orchard School, Campbell, Santa Clara County
J1312 — Third Place
Bethany J. Johnson, Grade 7 portrait
Just Keep Swimming: A Study of Asthma and Swimming
Advisor: Mrs. Jamie Baker
School: St. Anthony's School, Fresno, Fresno County
J1301 — Fourth Place
Malak J. Alamad, Grade 8 portrait
To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed
Advisor: Mrs. Maliha Marri
School: Al-Huda Islamic School, Hawthorne, Los Angeles County
J1310 — Honorable Mention
Sanjna Ghanshani, Grade 8 portrait
Association between Heart Disease Risk Factors and Elevated CRP Suggests Lifestyle Changes May Well Avoid Statin Drugs
Advisor: Mr. Mark Hobbs
School: Fairmont Private - Edgewood Campus, Santa Ana, Orange County
J1327 — Honorable Mention
Kana Yamamoto, Grade 8 portrait
How Does the Eardrum Affect Our Hearing?
Advisor: Mr. Takuya Yamamoto
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, Santa Barbara County

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