CSSF Category Awards: 2009
Mathematics & Software

Junior Division


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J1613 — First Place
Prem M. Talwai, Grade 6 portrait
Sudoku Patterns
Advisor: Mrs. Jean Schumpelt
School: Folsom Middle School, Folsom, Sacramento County
J1609 — Second Place
Michael A. Metcalf, Jr., Grade 7 portrait
Natural Human Interface for Technology
Advisor: Mr. Michael Metcalf
School: Heart Christian Preparatory Academy, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County
J1605 — Third Place
Abraham P. Karplus, Grade 7 portrait
Find It Fast: Hash Tables and Collision Resolution
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Karplus
School: Kirby (Georgiana Bruce) Preparatory High Sch, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
J1614 — Fourth Place
Jennie M. Werner, Grade 7 portrait
Fractals: The Geometry of Nature
Advisor: Mr. William Dolyniuk
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside, San Mateo County
J1604 — Honorable Mention
Dean Hathout, Grade 6 portrait
Tricky Triangles: A Probability Problem with Theoretical Solution and Monte Carlo Simulations
Advisor: Mrs. April Wishek
School: New Horizon School, Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J1610 — Honorable Mention
Michael L. Monaghan, Grade 8 portrait
Is the C or Assembly Programming Language Better for Programing PIC Microcontrollers?
Advisor: Mrs. Mary Pettitt
School: St. Adelaide School, Highland, San Bernardino County

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