2009 California State Science Fair Photographs

photo during judging interview period
9:45 am

Third floor view of the first (and some second) floor projects. Click on the photo for a higher resolution view.

On the first floor against the far wall is the Junior Behavioral Science category, from Asia B. Black at the left up through the end of the category lost in the darkness and behind the suspended structure.

At the lower left is the beginning of the Junior Environmental Science Category with Matt A. Friedman and Cristina M. Gago speaking with a Junior Environmental Science judge (unidentified). This category is completed on the next table block, which is mostly obscured by the suspended structure.

The Junior Biochemistry category occupies the next table block and the front side of the following one, starting at the lower left with Nichole J. Baffone speaking with Junior Biochemistry judge Mr. Lee L. Amatangelo with the projects wrapping up from that project, back down the far side of the table, and the up the front side of the next table block.

The Junior Human Biology category begins at the lower right of the far side of that table block with Malak J. Alamad speaking with a Junior Human Biology judge (unidentified). Projects in that category wrap up that far side of the table, down the near side of the next table block, the last of which is Andrew R. Mitchell speaking with the Junior Human Biology judge (unidentified), and then wrapping around to the far side of that table which unfortunately is in relative darkness in this photograph.

On the second floor we can see the Junior Environmental Engineering category starting from the far left with the team of Jay L. Kerschner and Tejas Kumar and then in decreasing numeric order to the right until we get to Colin P. Feeney speaking with a Junior Environmental Engineering judge (unidentified).

Can you help us identify anyone else in this or other photographs in this collection? If so, please write to us at CalifSF@usc.edu giving the name of the student (or judge) you see and the picture identifier "t0610". Please describe which student you are identifying.
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