2009 California State Science Fair Photographs

photo during judging interview period
9:48 am

Third floor view of the east side of the second floor east showing Junior Plant Biology and Junior Chemistry projects. Click on the photo for a higher resolution image.

At the center bottom of this photo on the near side of the table is the beginning of the Junior Plant Biology category with just the corner showing of the project display of Vanessa A. Apodaca (who is not visible in this shot). Projects follow in sequence up the near side of the table until the project of Rachel L. Kanonchoff which is just barely off the top of this shot.

The category wraps around the far side of this table block with the next few projects not visible off the top of the photo, and continuing down until the bottom of the shot at Rebecca I. Shane. Near the top of this row in an olive suit and brown hat is Junior Plant Biology judge Mrs. Betsey Landis.

The category continues at the left edge of the photo across the aisle with the project of Kaylee S. Steiner-Olson just off camera, followed by Dana M. Thibodeau through Timothy A. Westerfield at the top of the table row.

At the far right of this photo is the Junior Chemistry category. Starting from the bottom is Cormac Z. Crowley, Audrey B. Crom, Shannon H. Chee, Grace K. Cabri, and Shyamal Buch, followed by Alexander W. Bissell speaking with a Junior Chemistry judge (unidentified), and John Berba as the last identifiable student.

Can you help us identify anyone else in this or other photographs in this collection? If so, please write to us at CalifSF@usc.edu giving the name of the student (or judge) you see and the picture identifier "t0620". Please describe which student you are identifying.

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