CSSF Project Listings: 2011
Behavioral & Social Sciences

Senior Division

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S0401 — Honorable Mention
Nia Abbas, Grade 10 portrait
Prutha V. Mehta, Grade 10 portrait
Saadhya Singampalli, Grade 10 portrait
Monkey See, Monkey Do!
Advisor: Dr. Muosadak Abbas
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Nikita Akkala, Grade 10 portrait
The Effect of Aromatherapy on Cognitive Ability
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Slijk
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
Supriya A. Bhupathy, Grade 9 portrait
Scents and Sensibility: Do Classroom Scents Improve Academic Performance?
Advisor: Mrs. Sharon Farrell
School: Yorba Linda High School, Yorba Linda, Orange County
Valentina Carrillo, Grade 9 portrait
Who Are You Behind the Wheel? What the Vehicle You Drive Says about You
Advisor: Mr. Javier Carrillo
School: Inderkum High School, Sacramento, Sacramento County
Patrick J. Casebolt, Grade 9 portrait
Charley Huang, Grade 9 portrait
Music and Memory: Is There a Connection?
Advisor: Dr. Nikki Malhotra
School: Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
Patrick J. Chang, Grade 10 portrait
The Proficiency of a Left Hander's Right Hand vs. the Proficiency of a Right Hander's Left Hand
Advisor: Mr. Michael Antrim
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine, Orange County
S0407 — Honorable Mention
Andrew T. Clausen, Grade 12 portrait
Singers vs. Instrumentalists: A Study of Relative Pitch Sense
Advisor: Mr. Jeff Adkins
School: Deer Valley High School, Anioch, Contra Costa County
Kaila M. Corrington, Grade 11 portrait
Sneha Pang, Grade 11 portrait
Blasting Binaural Beats on the Brain
Advisor: Mr. William Schlegel
School: Upland High School, Upland, San Bernardino County
S0409 — Third Place
John M. Di Tomaso, Grade 12 portrait
The Effects of Texting Distractions on Driving Performance
Advisor: Mrs. Deborah Brown
School: Yosemite High School, Oakhurst, Madera County
Clint J. Ellis, Grade 10 portrait
Jack R. Ellis, Grade 9 portrait
Do Shoppers Overspend at Costco?
Advisor: Mr. John Ellis
School: Atascadero High School, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County
Juanita M. Fernandez, Grade 12 portrait
Ingrid E. Talavera-Gutierrez, Grade 12 portrait
Who Am I?
Advisor: Mrs. Heather Gotoski
School: Rubidoux High School, Riverside, Riverside County
Mary A. Flemming, Grade 9 portrait
Phonics vs. Whole Words: The Effects of Rearranging the Letters in a Word
Advisor: Mr. Nathan Whittington
School: Sanger High School, Sanger, Fresno County
Sara X.Z. Grzywacz, Grade 10 portrait
Effects of Shadows, Local Contrast, and Geometric Knowledge on Perceived Lightness
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estate, Los Angeles County
Trysha K. Hicks, Grade 9 portrait
Which Gender Do You See?
Advisor: Mrs. Amy Breninger
School: Carrillo (Maria) High School, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Devon S. Hubert, Grade 9 portrait
It's Stuck in My Head! The Effects of a Repetitive Tune on Memory
Advisor: Dr. Pamela Durkee
School: York School, Monterey, Monterey County
S0416 — Fourth Place
Welby H. Huynh, Grade 12 portrait
Amrutha V. Sugetur, Grade 12 portrait
Seeing Is Believing?
Advisor: Ms. Crystal Neptune
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Jacob Joens-Poulton, Grade 9 portrait
Swinging Moods and Swinging Stock Markets
Advisor: Mr. Paul Joens-Poulton
School: Willits High School, Willits, Mendocino County
Soumya Bhat Kandukuri, Grade 10 portrait
Zoe A. Pennington, Grade 10 portrait
Lakshana Senthilkumar, Grade 10 portrait
Reading the Stroop Effect with the Cambride Word Scramble Theory on the Anterior Cingulate Cortex
Advisor: Mrs. Joanne Quan, Ms. Joanne Quan
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S0419 — Honorable Mention
Jonah S. Kaye, Grade 10 portrait
Read All About It: Does Reading from a Printed Page vs. a Digital Screen Affect Reading Comprehension?
Advisor: Dr. Heather Mellows
School: Gunn (Henry M.) High School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
Nossin Y. Khan, Grade 9 portrait
Sonali A. Voleti, Grade 9 portrait
Smell to Taste
Advisor: Mrs. Rochelle Jacks
School: Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, Sacramento County
Brad H. King, Grade 10 portrait
Jace A. King, Grade 10 portrait
Christopher R. Lees, Grade 10 portrait
The Correlation of Cranial Circumference with the Cognitive Aptitude of Homo sapiens sapiens
Advisor: Dr. Nikki Malhotra
School: Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
Zachary A. Kukoff, Grade 10 portrait
Advisor: Ms. Stephanie Koenig
School: Westlake High School, Westlake Village, Ventura County
Amy H. Lee, Grade 12 portrait
Thomas T. Wooding, Grade 12 portrait
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
Advisor: Mr. Chris Ostermann
School: Burroughs (Sherman E.) High School, Ridgecrest, Kern County
Melissa R. Long, Grade 10 portrait
Who Lies More, Boys or Girls?
Advisor: Ms. Sonia Ventura
School: Crawford Academy, Van Nuys, Los Angeles County
S0425 — Second Place
Jaclyn N. Lundberg, Grade 12 portrait
Finding the Region of the Brain Linked to Addiction
Advisor: Mrs. Michaele Scheerle
School: Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
Jessica L. Menera, Grade 12 portrait
Samea S. Noreen, Grade 11 portrait
Psychosocial Development of Erickson's Stages: Casting in MTV's Teen Mom
Advisor: Ms. Angela Thornton
School: Center for Advanced Research and Technology, Clovis, Fresno County
S0427 — First Place
Danielle Nguyen, Grade 12 portrait
Michelle Xie, Grade 11 portrait
Sonification: A Novel Approach to Data Representation
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Slijk
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
Sharona A. Silverstein, Grade 11 portrait
Sleep Patterns and Psychological Health in Pre-Dental and Dental Students
Advisor: Mr. Tom Deets
School: Henry (Patrick) Senior High School, San Diego, San Diego County
Michelle C. Stanley, Grade 10 portrait
A Statistical Analysis of Kern County Bankruptcy and Divorce Filings in Different Economies
Advisor: Ms. Crystal Neptune
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Rebecca C. Stark, Grade 10 portrait
Internet Adoption Among People Over 65
Advisor: Ms. Rebecca Rush
School: Sequoia High School, Redwood City, San Mateo County

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