CSSF Category Awards: 2012
Aerodynamics/ Hydrodynamics

Junior Division


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J0109 — First Place
Trevor J. Filseth, Grade 8 portrait
An Improvement on the VAWT Wind Turbine
Advisor: Ms. Erica Goldsworthy
School: Jordan (David Starr) Middle School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
J0111 — Second Place
Raymond U. Gilmartin, Grade 8 portrait
Spare the Environment, Spoiler the Car: The Effect of Rear Spoilers on Drag and Lift
Advisor: Mrs. Kathleen Bellinghiere
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J0119 — Third Place
Kai T. Narum, Grade 7 portrait
Baffling Baffles: Culvert Design for Fish Passage
Advisor: Ms. Diana Skiles
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside, Humboldt County
J0121 — Fourth Place
Julienne Sauer, Grade 7 portrait
Reducing Drag of Metal Objects through Water Using the Leidenfrost Effect
Advisor: Ms. Kimberly Hansell
School: Windemere Ranch Middle School, San Ramon, Contra Costa County
J0104 — Honorable Mention
Annie C. Benedict, Grade 7 portrait
Wave Hello to Blue-Green Energy: The Effect of Blowhole Cavern Depth on Water Ejection from a Simulated Oceanic Blowhole
Advisor: Mr. Derek Lefkowith
School: St. John Fisher, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County
J0117 — Honorable Mention
Timothy N. Meziere, Grade 8 portrait
Patterns of Fluid Dynamics
Advisor: Mr. Alan Jeanson
School: St. Mary's Elementary School, Escondido, San Diego County
J0122 — Honorable Mention
Nilay S. Sawant, Grade 7 portrait
A Comparison of Viscosities of Different Biofuels at Various Temperatures
Advisor: Mr. Kai Brown
School: Kennedy (John F.) Middle School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County

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