CSSF Category Awards: 2012
Product Science (Physical)

Junior Division


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J2110 — First Place
Winnie Chen, Grade 8 portrait
Lead in Makeup
Advisor: Mr. Win-Sui Chen
School: Sunol Glen School, Sunol, Alameda County
J2130 — Second Place
Erin C. Rush, Grade 8 portrait
Is There Arsenic in Your Juice?
Advisor: Mr. Matt Inman
School: Ojai Valley School, Ojai, Ventura County
J2117 — Third Place
Erik J. Godlewski, Grade 8 portrait
It Burns! Do Our Clothes Protect Our Skin from Harmful Ultraviolet Rays?
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Petoskey
School: St. Anastasia Elementary School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
J2128 — Fourth Place
Christopher J. Robinson, Grade 8 portrait
The Effects of Different Exposures on Paints
Advisor: Mr. Fernando Prado
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County
J2101 — Honorable Mention
Haleema F. Abbasi, Grade 7 portrait
What's the Matteries with Your Batteries? Comparing Performance, Cost and Environmental Impact of "Green" NiMH Battery
Advisor: Ms. Muna Moinuddin
School: Orange Crescent School, Garden Grove, Orange County
J2103 — Honorable Mention
Grant J. Anderson, Grade 7 portrait
A Sticky Situation
Advisor: Mr. Harry Post
School: Dartmouth Middle School, Hemet, Riverside County
J2106 — Honorable Mention
Brandon H. Brown, Grade 7 portrait
Dripping Wet: Which Swimsuit Fabric Is Fastest?
Advisor: Ms. Cassandra de Wood
School: Hawkins (Tom) Elementary School, Tracy, San Joaquin County
J2111 — Honorable Mention
Julie S. Chung, Grade 8 portrait
Which Soil Amendment Retains the Most Water?
Advisor: Mrs. Darshana Shah
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
J2122 — Honorable Mention
Nicole M. Kuntjoro, Grade 8 portrait
The Extraction of Blots, Blemishes, and Stains
Advisor: Mr. Ken Cornell
School: Fairmont Private Schools - Anaheim Hills, Anaheim Hills, Orange County
J2135 — Honorable Mention
Ileana Vasquez, Grade 8 portrait
The Effect of Pill Coatings, Heat, and Antacids on Pill Solubility
Advisor: Mrs. Angelica Seager
School: Ramona Convent Secondary School, Alhambra, Los Angeles County

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