CSSF Category Awards: 2012
Microbiology (General)

Senior Division


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S1599 — First Place
Neera M. Shah, Grade 12 portrait
Nehaly M. Shah, Grade 12 portrait
Saving Citrus Trees: Serological Detection of Bacteria Associated with Citrus Greening Disease, Year 2
Advisor: Dr. Manjunath Keremane
School: King (Martin Luther, Jr.) High School, Riverside, Riverside County
S1507 — Second Place
Melissa R. Fagan, Grade 11 portrait
Creation of Alginate Microparticles as a Novel Drug Delivery Vehicle
Advisor: Dr. Jane Willoughby
School: San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
S1528 — Third Place
David M. Zimmerman, Grade 11 portrait
Stress-Induced Mutagenesis and Evolution of Competitive Fitness in Shewanella: Applications for Microbial Fuel Cells
Advisor: Ms. Tamara Miller
School: Brentwood School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
S1524 — Fourth Place
Charulata Sinha, Grade 9 portrait
Development of Bacterial Cross-Resistance to Repeated Use of Mouthwash
Advisor: Dr. Kelly Doran
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas, San Diego County
S1504 — Honorable Mention
Conner R. Bennett, Grade 9 portrait
Does Hippopotamus Skin Secretion Prevent E. coli Bacteria Growth and Protect the Skin from Harmful Sun Light?
Advisor: Ms. Marisol Ornelas
School: Sacred Heart Preparatory, Atherton, San Mateo County
S1514 — Honorable Mention
Kathleen R. Maguire, Grade 12 portrait
Bacterial Biofilms Are Influenced by Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
Advisor: Ms. Stacy Sjoberg
School: Marlborough School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
S1522 — Honorable Mention
Adam J. Protter, Grade 11 portrait
Phytopharmaceutical Assay of Antimicrobial Properties of Piper (L.) Genus with a Novel MIC Protocol for Oil Extracts
Advisor: Dr. Nikki Malhotra
School: Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County

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