CSSF Project Listings: 2012

Senior Division

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Joshua D. Bates, Grade 11 portrait
Fizzy Relief: An Investigation of the Effects of Temperature, Surface Area, and Pressure on Rates of Reaction
Advisor: Mr. Mark Grubb
School: Desert High School, Edwards, Kern County
S0602 — Second Place
Paulomi Bhattacharya, Grade 11 portrait
Eesha Khare, Grade 11 portrait
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Internal Alkyne-Stabilized Nanoparticle for Effects on Optoelectronic Properties
Advisor: Mr. Chris Spenner
School: Harker (The) School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Elina Blazhiyevska, Grade 9 portrait
Bonnie Chen, Grade 9 portrait
Mayia A. Vranas, Grade 9 portrait
The Abiotic Synthesis of Silicon-Based Life
Advisor: Ms. Meghan Faerber
School: Monte Vista High School, Danville, Contra Costa County
Ian Borchard, Grade 11 portrait
Colin G. Wikholm, Grade 11 portrait
Electronegativity and Reaction Violence
Advisor: Mrs. Terry Maulhardt
School: Villanova Preparatory School, Ojai, Ventura County
Haylie M. Butler, Grade 11 portrait
Lucia L. La, Grade 11 portrait
Biodiesel: Fuel for the Future
Advisor: Mr. Anthony Pittman
School: Connelly (Cornelia) School of the Holy Child, Anaheim, Orange County
Arun Chakravorty, Grade 12 portrait
Development of a Novel High Efficiency Chemical Sequester for CO(2) Reduction from Automobile Exhaust
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Jade K. Chaves, Grade 12 portrait
Janine H. Sobers, Grade 12 portrait
Testing for the Presence of Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether in Canned Foods
Advisor: Dr. Nikki Malhotra
School: Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
Seowoo Choi, Grade 11 portrait
Investigating the Behavior of Cobalt(II) Chloride and Its Intermediate Complex Ions
Advisor: Mr. John Shirajian
School: Ribet Academy, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Alice J. Chu, Grade 11 portrait
Man-made Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Advisor: Ms. Payal Chandan
School: Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, Alameda County
S0610 — Honorable Mention
Cameron C. Coulter, Grade 10 portrait
A Composite Study of Bio-Diesel
Advisor: Mrs. Michaele Scheerle
School: Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
Forrest D. Csulak, Grade 11 portrait
Catalytic Conundrum 2: A Computational Method of Finding Cost-Effective Replacements for Platinum as Fuel Cell Catalysts
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Frazier Mountain High School, Lebec, Kern County
Alberto Diaz, Grade 12 portrait
Joseph N. Le, Grade 11 portrait
AquaDefense: A Multipurpose Hydrophobic Material Synthesized via the Substitution of Polar Hydroxyl Groups
Advisor: Mr. John Allen
School: Oak Grove High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Rebecca L. Drake, Grade 12 portrait
Elizabeth K. Mazeika, Grade 12 portrait
Pesticides, Produce, and People: Buying Organic: Is It Really Worth the Price?
Advisor: Dr. Nikki Malhotra
School: Thousand Oaks High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
S0614 — Third Place
McKenna P. Duzac, Grade 11 portrait
The Synthesis of Quantum Dots for Application in Solar Cell Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. John Allen
School: Oak Grove High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Sophie R. Epstein, Grade 11 portrait
The Perfect Cookie: The Effect of Baking Ingredients on Cookie Texture
Advisor: Mrs. Millie Hackworth
School: Redwood High School, Larkspur, Marin County
Tanvi K. Gambhir, Grade 10 portrait
Reappraisal of Chromium from Stainless Steel as the Cause of the Diabetic Epidemic around the World
Advisor: Dr. Prakash Gambhir
School: Salinas High School, Salinas, Monterey County
Brenden J. Geary, Grade 9 portrait
Fuel on Tap: H(2)O Energy. How to Power an Engine with Water
Advisor: Mr. Tim Geary
School: Upland High School, Upland, San Bernardino County
Irfan S. Habib, Grade 10 portrait
Corrosion of Metals
Advisor: Mrs. Shamim Habib
School: Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
Mitchell A. Hutton, Grade 10 portrait
Efficiency of a Fuel Cell Car
Advisor: Mr. Paul Hunt
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park, Orange County
S0620 — First Place
Michael L. Janner, Grade 10 portrait
Fabrication and Manipulation of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
Advisor: Dr. Yadong Yin
School: Redlands East Valley High School, Redlands, San Bernardino County
Chris Kim, Grade 9 portrait
Finding the Sugar Concentration of a Solution
Advisor: Mr. Garrett Hageman
School: Acaciawood College Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, Orange County
Ruchi S. Pandya, Grade 9 portrait
The Effects of Eliminating Oxidizers from Various Substances to Form Flame Retardant Substances
Advisor: Dr. Roy Rocklin
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Katrina I. Paras, Grade 10 portrait
The Effect of Water Temperature on the Ability of a Surfactant to Minimize the Surface Tension of Water
Advisor: Mr. Michael Antrim
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine, Orange County
S0624 — Fourth Place
Alexander S. Powers, Grade 11 portrait
Chemistry of Fruits: Optimization of Postharvest Storage Conditions Affecting Nutrients and Taste
Advisor: Mr. Rod Wong
School: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S0625 — Honorable Mention
Sulekha S. Ramayya, Grade 12 portrait
Increasing the Efficiency of DMFCs Using Different Supply Conditions, Temperatures, and Catalysts
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles County
Jeeyeon Sohn, Grade 11 portrait
The Effect of D-limonene Contained in Various Citrus Oils on Disintegration of Polystryene Foams
Advisor: Mr. Michael Antrim
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine, Orange County

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