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Application Checklist and Calendar 2018


To complete your Application to the 2018 Fair:

If you choose, you can also submit (together with, or separate from, the above items):

Team Projects Note:

Receipt Confirmation: As Received
When you complete the Application on the Fair’s Web site, you will receive an e-mail confirming its receipt within a few minutes. This email will include your confirmation code and instructions to complete the application process. Confirmation of receipt of all Applications will appear on the Fair’s Web site within one working day.
PARC Review / Category Assignment: Saturday, April 7
Every Application is reviewed for acceptability according to the Acceptance Criteria by the Project Abstract Review Committee (PARC), an experienced group of judges at the California Science & Engineering Fair. In addition, this committee will read every project's abstract in order to determine the correct subject category to which the project will be assigned.
Notice of Acceptance or Rejection: Sunday, April 8
All applicants identified through the PARC review as candidates for rejection will be contacted by phone by the Directors of Judging no later than the above date to provide an opportunity for appeal. For all other rejections (alternates, late applications, etc.) notice will be made only through e-mail. If a functional e-mail address has not been provided to CSEF, no direct notice will be given. The official notice of acceptance will be the listing of names on the Fair’s Web site no later than this date. Notices of acceptance will be e-mailed shortly thereafter, and sent via US Mail within a week.
Confirmation of Category Assignment: Wednesday, April 11
All category assignments will be posted to the Fair's Web site as soon as they are available. Phone requests for this information will not be accepted. On or about the above date you will receive confirmation of the category to which your project has been assigned. You may request a different assignment, but only until Wednesday, April 18. The Directors of Judging are the final authority as to project acceptance and category assignments. Details will be included in your confirmation letter.
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