California Science & Engineering Fair
Project Display Regulations 2018

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  1. Display size limitations:
    Maximum width 4 feet (122 cm)
    Maximum depth 2.5 feet (76 cm)
    Maximum height 6.5 feet (198 cm) (table)
    9 feet (274 cm) (floor)
    (a) Projects displayed on tables are the preferred standard. Projects requiring floor access, termed “floor displays,” may not use Fair table space. The entire floor display, including any student-provided table or support structure, must fit within the size limitations specified above. Floor displays may be placed out of numerical sequence and possibly away from other projects in the same subject category.
    (b) All projects must fit within these prescribed space limitations. This includes elements of the project that may extend or protrude. Displays which are admitted, but are later augmented to exceed the space limitations will be disqualified until brought into conformance. Using the aisle between projects as additional display space, even temporarily during interviews, is cause for disqualification.
  2. Students must be present at their display during the judging period or the project will not be judged. For team projects, at least one of the authors must be present before judging will be allowed.
  3. The student's original laboratory notebook must be present for inspection during judging. However, it is advised that this notebook be on display only during the actual judging period.
  4. Display Safety Concerns:
  5. Displays may not contain any living organism. This prohibition includes all animals, plants, and studied collections of microscopic life forms such as bacteria, fungi, and molds. The display of preserved animals is not permitted. Projects may not display photographs of procedures detrimental to the health and well being of vertebrate animals. Photographs of surgical procedures may not be exhibited.
  6. Projects requesting electrical power will be provided with one 110 volt outlet. You must bring your own UL approved three prong grounded extension cord. The Science Fair does not provide extension cords. No gas or water outlets are provided.
  7. A project display at the California Science & Engineering Fair need not be identical to the display at the County or Regional Fair. The display may be altered to improve the presentation or to incorporate the results of research subsequent to the County or Regional Fair.
  8. All projects must clearly distinguish between the work of the student participant and the work of others. Students participating in a research opportunity in industry, a university, hospital, or institution other than their school, must display only their research. Such students must have the principal research director complete the Professional Research Opportunity Support form specifying the assistance received and the role and contributions of others in the project. A copy of this form must be submitted as part of the application. The original must be included in the project notebook at the project display for inspection by the judges. Though discouraged, ISEF Form 1C is an acceptable alternative.
  9. Awards won in previous competitions may not be displayed or announced.
  10. Participants are not permitted to distribute any items to the judges.
  11. Parents and advisors are not permitted in the display areas during judging. Violations may result in disqualification of student participants.

IMPORTANT: LOSS OR DAMAGE Valuable equipment, such as computers, may be part of the display only if the student participant accepts full responsibility. It is advised that valuable materials (e.g. computers, research notebook) be on display only during the actual judging period. Although precautionary security service will be provided, the California Science & Engineering Fair assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any project or project part. Exhibitors must exercise care in protecting equipment. It is advisable to have an extra copy of notebooks and all printed materials.

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