Acknowledgements for
Resource Contributors

We gratefully acknowledge the following contributors who have sent in links to our resource lists, including the General and Subject Specific references, and our Getting Started list. Now it's your turn.

CA Anaheim Dan Talley
CA Brea Cindy Whalen
CA La Habra Ed Ruth
CA Los Angeles Robyn McGuire
CA Oxnard Isaac Taylor
CA San Pedro Rachel Fischer
CA Santa Cruz Ben Baker
CA Thousand Oaks Adam Elhardt
CA <Unknown> Joe
FL Miami Fei Shih
FL Orange Park Jason Human
LA Calhoun Celeste Baine
LA Mandeville John I. Swang, Ph.D.
MI Ann Arbor Fred Niell, III
MD Savage Frank Spicher
MI Ann Arbor Bob Garypie
PA Birdsboro AJ
PA Merion Station Sarah Boucas-Neto
England Whitby Dr. Phil Brown
?? <Unknown> Sheldon Greaves

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