Two Days of the Fair
Student Orientation


Before the judging can begin, students gather before the stage at the south end of the Arena for their Orientation. This year, in addition to the usual information presentations, a special award in the form of a perpetual plaque was presented to Steven Goldberg (1995: S0911) by Gayle Wilson, California's First Lady.

Steven was honored as the inaugural member of the California State Science Fair Honor Roll for having qualified for and attended six consecutive State Science Fair, the maximum possible because the Fair admits only grades 7 - 12. Even more impressive, Steven won a Fair award at every one of these Fairs.

Gayle Wilson herself was once a Westinghouse Science Talent Search finalist. She has been a consistent supporter of the California State Science Fair, for which we are greatly appreciative. Each year, for several years now, Mrs. Wilson has come to the Student Orientation and inspired students with her experiences in science and education. She also visits the student projects during the judging, but you'll see that for yourself in a moment.

Let the judging begin!


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