Team Projects at the
California State Science Fair

Are Team Projects allowed at the California State Science Fair?
Yes. Although the category "Team Projects" no longer exists, team projects are definitely allowed. At the State Science Fair, team projects are placed into the subject category in which their project belongs. Judges will usually have higher expectations for team projects, commensurate with their increased manpower.

At the State Science Fair, Team Projects must have 2-3 students. This may be different from the definition at your local or county fair.

I'm one of three on a Team Project.
Do we each have to pay the Application Fee?
Yes. Your Application Fee applies to your Application. Every person named on a Team Project must submit his/her own application form, so each one must also include the Application Fee.

One of my Team Project members can't come to the Fair.
Can we still be judged?
It is not necessary that every member of the Team Project be present at the judging for the Fair -- the Display Regulations (see #2) state that at least half of the participants must be present. This means one person for a 1-2 person project, and two people for a 3 person project.

One of my Team Project members can't come to the Fair.
Does he/she still have to submit an application?
Yes. If your project wins an award, the monetary value will be split equally among your team members. Without an application from each member, we have no way of sending each of you your award.

The author list of a team project must be the same at CSSF as it was at the county or regional fair from which it qualified. All submitted applications are checked against the qualification lists provided by affiliated fairs. Presenting a project with an author list which is different from the one which qualified at the affiliated fair is cause for disqualification from CSSF. (N.B. The team members must be the same, although the spelling of names need not be identical.)

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